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Hair Extensions Salon In Austin, Texas
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Hair Extensions Tip

1.  Always find a salon from a reputable company with a certified stylists.

2. High Quality hair extensions – Remy (hair laying in correct direction as natural) usually costs from $1000-$2500. Partial extensions for volume is considerably lower. ***(Free In Salon Consultation)***
  • Hair @ Planet Venus gives the best pricing that will not break the bank!
3. Low end hair extensions can be purchased for as low as $400-$800. 
4. The quality of hair and the experience of the professional hair extension artists/hair extensions technician are your most important questions.
Some important questions you might ask yourself!!
  • Are you really looking for – Cheap Sew In Hair Extensions, Cheap Clip In Hair Extensions!
Quality is MOST important for your hair!!!
Brought to you by the most experienced hair extensions artist in Austin TX!