FAQ’s Hair Extensions


What should I look for when shopping for salon applied extensions?
There are two important factors that affect your final look. The first factor is the most important one…the talent of the stylist doing the design & application. When you’re building a house…what’s the first thing you have to have? THE FOUNDATION. If the foundation isn’t done by a professional that knows exactly what they’re doing, then you’re going to have problems. Problems you may not even see right away. There are many salons that do hair extensions, but not every salon does them well. And it all starts with the talent of the stylist you choose.
The second factor is the quality of the hair & the attachment method the stylist uses. The quality of the hair can vary according to which brand of extensions are used.


How many different brands of hair extensions are there & how will I know if I’m really making the best choice upon my final selection?
There are a number of different brands of hair extensions that feature top of the line hair & bonding. I have worked with all of them & found that the very best is Great Lengths Hair Extensions.Just like everything else you shop for, quality & price go hand in hand. If you find hair extensions offered at a low price, then you can expect to get what you pay for. If you want high quality hair extensions, just like other high quality products you shop for…the price will be higher. Low price equals low quality, which also means the hair extensions won’t last as long as the higher quality, higher priced ones will. So, if you want your hair extensions to last longer, it’s imperative that you focus on high quality. Having to pay a little extra will definitely be worth it in the long run because the hair extensions will not only look better, but they will also last longer.


What do I look for when comparing price & quality?
Quality hair extensions should feel like real hair. Therefore, they must be 100% human hair with the cuticle layer intact all the way down the hair shaft. This is referred to as “Remy” hair.
Since all salons price their hair extensions differently, it’s important to find out what all is included in the quote you are given. Additional costs can include coloring your existing hair &/or hair extensions, a haircut (which is necessary for blending), as well as products you will need to maintain your hair extensions. When you’ve made your final decisions, add everything up to get your total cost & make sure you get a price quote in writing.

How long can I expect my hair extensions to last?
Once again, the quality of the hair & the expertise of the stylist will be the main factors in determining how long your hair extensions will last. Your stylist will tell you all you need to know about proper home care. The longevity of your hair extensions will not only be affected by following proper home care maintenance, but it will also depend on how fast your hair grows. This is because the hair extension bonds will move down your head as your natural hair grows. Thus, the slower your hair grows, the longer the extensions will last. Faster growing hair will shorten the time span…three to six months is generally the average range.

After the three to six-month range…what can I expect at my next appointment?
Your next appointment generally consists of an assessment of how fast your hair has grown, as well as determining what will be involved in a “reset”.  A “reset” consists of removal of the old hair extensions & re-applying new bundles based upon the above factors.

Are extensions hard to take care of?
This definitely depends on the individual & how seriously they take the investment they have made in getting hair extensions. If you follow the instructions for home care & make it part of your daily hair care routine, then no…they aren’t hard to take care of. There are things you must avoid…such as certain types of shampoos & conditioners. You will need a particular type of brush, designed especially for hair extensions as well as regular follow-up blending cuts will play a crucial role in determining how long your hair extensions last. It may sound like a lot if this is your first experience with having hair extensions, but it really isn’t. Just think of it as a change in the way you care for your hair. It’s only hard if you don’t follow your stylist instructions for home care & regular maintenance. Just like everything else we do to make ourselves look & feel beautiful, it just becomes part of our daily routine. I can assure you…the results will make you feel so beautiful & you will love the way your hair looks & feels….you will find yourself making sure you take care of your hair extensions properly & it will soon become something that seems as effortless as your old hair care routine.

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