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“Dede is amazing at extensions and color!  I am so pleased with my hair, especially after a bad experience in Austin.  I’ve had extensions over the course of 5 years, but when I moved to Austin I had no idea where to go.  I tried one salon and everything was a disaster, including the color.  Dede straightened my color out with one visit, and the second time I came in we did the great lengths extensions.  Couldn’t be happier with the results!  We mixed light blonde and dark brown to give a fun funky look, and although more expensive than I was used to, the quality is worth the money hands down!  The hair feels so natural and soft and the extensions are so comfortable that I don’t even notice I have them in!  Way better than the silicone bead/ sew in kind or clip-ins by a long shot!! I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for an experienced professional to take care of their hair to give Dede a call.” Kendra


“All I can say is ” WOW ! ” I am truly speechless…I have had my extensions in for about 5 weeks now and they still look amazing as the day you put them in! I get complements all the time! I had extensions done once before from somebody else and I was hesitant on doing again since it was such a nightmare the first time but, after meeting with you and seeing the work you have done on others and then on me, I cannot give you enough complements on your amazing attention to detail and your perfection on hairstyling, it sure does shine through. I look and feel so beautiful……I will be a customer for life! Thank you, Michele June”

“Hey Dede, I am enjoying my hair! So far everyone likes it. One person told me it was almost like my hair grew over night. I just said yeah I know and went on about my business. They never even asked if it was real. So far I have only worn it straight with a little curl on the ends. Today I’m going to try it curly everywhere.” I’ll keep in touch. JC”

“Dede I love my new hair extensions. It is so easy to take care of. I thought it would take longer to style since it was so much longer than my hair. But I found out it was a lot easier and less work. Plus I didn’t have to use all the special conditioners, hair straightness and the Chi oil products. This is a lot easier and saves me a lot of money on products. I also found that I don’t have to wash it everyday like before. Wish I would of had this done a lot sooner. I really do like the look and its really great hair. I will definitely keep this look for quite some time.” Thanks Donna M.M. Dede,

“I’ve tried everything-horse shampoo, hair growth pills, etc. and I could not achieve the look that you gave me. My only regret is that I didn’t get hair extensions sooner. Thank you so much for the awesome job you did on my hair. I’m a very picky person and it takes a lot to satisfy me. You were great, and I will recommend you to all of my friends that want this beautiful hair! Everyone has been complimenting the volume and length that I now have. I really appreciate you!” Sincerely Elizabeth

“I was impressed with the level of service, the quality of the hair and most importantly the outcome. I would recommend Dede without hesitation.” Adrienne

“Dede Well, it’s been a week since you transformed my yucky, short hair into this beautiful, long mane!!!! I can’t believe how it looks like I just grew my own hair out overnight! People I’ve known for years didn’t recognize me at first, and then went crazy over how gorgeous my hair looks! Thanks for making me smile every time I walk by a mirror, instead of shrinking away from an ugly haircut! You’re amazing!” Karen

“I would like to thank Dede for helping me out with my bad hair situation. For years I had a shoulder length, fine blond hair but I cut it really short lately. Too short. It was a bad decision. I couldn’t accept my new image for about 2 weeks. My friends were telling me that I looked sophisticated. But hell with the sophistication when you really feel bad about your hair! I wanted my old, even fine hair back I have been considering hair extensions for at least 4 years. I wanted to add some volume and texture to my existing hair, but never had enough guts to do it. Now, getting them done was the only option. I selected Dede because I liked her Website and the salon is really close to my house. The results exceeded my expectations!. I am still amazed by the way how my new hair looks and how healthy it is. Dede is like a magician transforming every woman’s dream into the reality of great, fabulous, beautiful and sexy hair. Thank you Dede!” Eva, Austin TX.

“Hi Dede, I want to let you know how much I love my new hair…and I mean L O V E! My closest friends were in shock and awe and could not, for the life of them, figure out how the heck the hair was attached. When I left you the day you did my extensions I had to stop into the grocery, and the clerk ringing me up commented on how beautiful my hair was. I have had many great compliments and am loving playing with my hair, wearing it up, curling it, braiding it. It truly is my dream hair and I cannot be happier that I found you!” Angie

“Personally I have really enjoyed my extensions. I have had many compliments on how good my hair looks. I am enjoying having long beautiful hair.” Kristin

“Hey Dede, I just wanted to thank you for such an awesome experience at your salon! I know their many women out there that have had a bad haircut. Well I was one of them. I left the salon looking like a boy my hair was so short. Anyway I heard a lot about extensions but was very nervous to try it b/c it was expensive. Well I decided to go the cheaper way and get a weave. Needless to say I took that out in 4 days because it was so uncomfortable and my hair turned crispy after 4 washes! So I decided to go to Dede and that’s when I realized this should have been my first stop all along. She made my boyish haircut turn into long beautiful hair. Everyday I get compliments at work saying how good my hair looks and how it makes me look younger. Thank you Dede for doing an awesome job!” Janet

“I received my hair extensions in 2004 , and I must say I couldn’t be happier ! I have gone back in 2 or 3 times since to get touch ups and have had no problems with breakage or falling out . I am very active and swim a lot and its so nice to be able to jump in the water and not worry about anything falling out. I was wearing the clip in extensions in the past and the idea of reverting back to them is out of the question ! I work in retail and my Clients come in and tell me all the time about how great my hair looks , never did I get those remarks in the past with the clip ins . Dede makes it a very good experience and I can say I have even gained a new friend ! Anyone with thin hair………..I can say its definitely worth the time and money ! It will change the way you feel about yourself!” Thank You, Rene”

“The extensions are the most fun I’ve ever had with my hair! Dede did an excellent job of turning my short, thin hair into a beautiful mane. I don’t know how I made it this long without them.” M.P.”

“LOVE my hair! Dede transformed my mid-shoulder length hair to long ,full and luscious hair. The extensions matched perfectly and blended in beautifully with my hair. Very easy to wash, blow dry and style. Was skeptical at first! After three months I am still very pleased. Thanks again, LG Bastrop”

“Dear Dede, Well, it’s been a few weeks since you transformed my frail, frizzy hair into something gorgeous, and I still can’t believe that it’s me in the mirror! I used to stand in line at the grocery store and admire everyone’s hair. It seemed to me that everyone had great hair except me. Now I look around at people and realize that my hair is prettier than theirs! It is so much fun to brush it and curl it and flip it around. My friends and family were all amazed when they first saw me. Now they are just getting tired of me primping and preening and playing with my hair! Here’s one of the greatest bonuses from getting new hair – people think I’ve lost weight. I guess that getting bigger hair makes my hips look smaller! Can’t complain about that, or anything else regarding the whole Great Lengths process. So thank you, Dede. You have truly improved my life! Pam H.Austin, TX. with hair – people think I’ve lost weight.”

“Hey there! Remember me? I want to let you know how much I loved the extensions when I had them. As you probably have realized, I had them removed locally. The salon that removed them convinced me that they could do as good a job and I agreed to have them done again here. I was so frustrated. Dede, my hair started to fall out. I don’t know what happened but I had a bag of hair within 2 weeks and my hair was attached to the extensions. That did not happen when you did them. It was the great length’s brand too. (cold fusion) Needless to say, I had my hair cut short again and have been letting the broken pieces catch up with the rest of it. It is starting to thicken up again. I always look at the pics of my hair (that you placed on for me) and am extremely happy with the way it looked then. I am sorry for not coming back to Austin, but at the time didn’t seem like a big deal. The convenience of having a salon here seemed wonderful. I am letting my hair re-coop. I would like to remain in communication with you and have them done again after the 1st of the year. My husband flipped when the 2nd set lasted a few weeks. I would like extensions done before next summer. I visit your site from time to time just to see if you have moved to Houston… : ) We’ll be in touch! Take care! You are a fabulous technician!”

“Hi Dede, I’ve had my Great Lengths hair extensions for about a month now and I absolutely love them!! I’ve wanted long hair since I was five years old, and the Great Lengths extensions are thick, luxurious, and everything I’d hoped for. I feel SO sexy with them!! And I don’t think I could have asked for a better color match – my friends and co-workers are amazed at how natural they look, and everyone I meet is floored when they find out that it’s not my “native” hair. (And most people think I look about 10 years younger than I am — bonus!!) Thank you so very much for the *fantastic* job you did!! I would recommend you and Great Lengths to everyone! Tiffany, Austin TX.”

“I have tried many extension types and Great Lengths is by far the best extension system ever! The hair is the best quality I have ever seen – it was more healthy than my own hair! The extensions are easy to care for and I feel sexy and beautiful. I had to cut my hair short because after giving birth this past year…my infant pulled lots of my hair out. These extensions are the perfect solution while I wait for my hair to grow out again! I had the hair cut into a sultry shoulder skimming bob cut and I LOVE IT!! Thank you Dede for a wonderful day at your salon and for the gorgeous hair!”.Joy …..Austin, TX. ..

“Hi Dede:Thanks for such an excellent job. I feel like ten years younger, my husband is amazed with the change. I recommend these extensions to everybody. I had used others extensions, and none of those methods are close to this one. It feels and look 100% natural, THANKS!!!!Ilene….Austin, TX.

“Hi Dede, Just wanted you to know how much I love my hair. I’ve been trying for years to grow my hair out long and you gave me the hair I’ve always dreamed of in about 5 hours. And I absolutely love it ! Thank you so much!!” Kandy..Wimberley, TX.

“Hi, Dede I just wanted to let you know my husband loved it. I really enjoyed the whole day and am still amazed at the whole hair extension process. I am thrilled and looking forward to doing so many different things with my hair. Thanks again. Linda, Temple ….. Dede, Thank you so much for changing my life…I mean that. I have never been able to grow long, thick beautiful hair and in one day you changed all of that. After my extensions, I feel younger, look younger and best of all, feel sexy and desirable once again. I liked my hair a lot the day it was done, but like it even more now that I’ve learned to style it and am receiving compliments on almost a daily basis from strangers. I took a chance on extensions and truly feel it has changed my life. I highly recommend that anyone thinking about having them done make an appointment to talk with Dede. I am so, so glad I did. Susan, Austin ……..

Hi, Dede! I promised a testimonial and I’ve got some time right now, so here goes!contact with Dede. She traveled to me (HOUSTON) and did a wonderful job on my hair! The color was matched perfectly, and no one can tell the extensions are anything but my naturally-grown hair! One lady even commented that she never realized my hair was so long, stunned that she has missed that. Yes, it looks so natural! I love it, and now I can comfortably grow my hair without that nasty ‘in between’ stage that drags on and on. Thanks, Dede – you’re Arleta B Music Assistant Dede, I love the new hair. Thanks so much for helping me not to wait forever for it to grow.” Keely – Austin

“My experience with hair extensions and Dede personally was extraordinary. The product , Dede’s extreme professionalism and most important- the final result exceeded all my expectations. Thank you Dede – I am a much happier person now (and much prettier!)” Mila – Austin

“I experienced a run of bad luck recently: my car broke down, my son flunked Algebra, my hot water heater blew up & my dog died. But my hair still looks Great!!! Thanks for everything Dede! I’m a believer in hair extensions forever.” Paula – Austin

“Hello Dede – I just want to thank you for doing such a wonderful job with my hair extensions. I will admit, I was very skeptical at first but you turned that skepticism into a wonderful reality. I had looked online for as much information I could find on hair extensions. I read about so many different techniques and types of hair and attachments that I became very confused, until I read the Great Lengths link presented on your web site. After reading how Great Lengths obtains, prepares, and bonds the hair I was more at ease with the entire process. The fact I could have them removed without any damage to my natural hair was good enough for me. I decided I would have them done and if I didn’t like them, well, I would have you remove them. After the appointment with you and the amount of time and attention to detail you took with me, I felt very good about my choice. I drove back to Houston wondering how my family would react. Needless to say, they loved it! I have had so many compliments from people I don’t even know. I am very impressed with the way you were able to match my color. Being a blond, I have so many different shades and you hit it right on. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job. I have been able to style my hair in ways I never dreamed possible. I leave the house with total confidence! I actually feel beautiful & sexy again! The three pictures I have attached were taken 2 weeks apart. See what a difference? I feel like a new person! Thanks again, Sherry W. —- Houston, TX”

“My experience with Great Lengths extensions was wonderful! I was able to snorkel in the Caribbean, swim in the pool, and treat it like my own hair. I had no fallout or breakage and my hair feels wonderful. Dede does a fabulous job, what a service! Shannon M. — Austin, TX.”

“All I can say is that I have been doing business with Dede for more than 10 years, from the Mega fusion days to “Great Lengths,” and this IS the way to go! Thanks for being there…. 1992 – Present D.B. — Midland, TX.”

“Dee Dee’s Great Lengths system literally changed my life. For so many years I have been struggling with my thin, fine hair. I have spent so much money on products and hairdressers to help make it look like I had more hair – but to no avail, nothing ever really worked for me. One day I went to a hairstylist and he gave me the worst haircut I ever had. I was trying to grow my hair out and he cut it very short. It looked awful and even appeared to be thinner than ever before. It was also very unflattering for my face. I am in a job that requires a lot of public speaking job and I was embarrassed to speak in front of people with my hair looking so bad. I wore it up everyday. I found Dee Dee through her Web site. I was intrigued by the before and after pictures – the changes were miraculous and I thought it was just too good to be true. But it wasn’t. I met with Dee Dee and she put my mind at ease, she told me that she was going to fix my hair and that is exactly what she did. Not only did she “”fix” my bad haircut but the extensions were the perfect solution to my never-ending quest for thicker hair. My hair looks 100 percent better now, it is long, full of body, and healthy. I feel so much more attractive as well. To top it off, it is much easier to get ready in the morning. Most mornings I can just get up, brush it and it looks good enough for work. Saving styling time has been as much of a benefit as having great hair! I would recommend the system to anybody who dreams of having thicker and/or longer hair. It has been a dream come true for me… Serena: Manager: Austin, Texas”

“I was impressed with the level of expertise, service and quality of hair, but most of all the outcome.  I would recommend Dede without hesitation.  I walk by the mirror and smile every time.  Love love love hair extensions by Dede”  Shannon–August 8, 2014





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